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Q Group/ClearMedia has access to all 850,000+ promotional products. Many distributors do. What makes us different, what makes us better, is that we choose to feature only the best of the best – from the best. Our searches are set-up that way. Set up that way to help you cut through the clutter. When you search for an item on our site, you will not see all 400,000 mugs out of reasonable order, many of which have lead paint and cracked handles. What you will see are the best mugs in America featured first. Your very best options, right up front. Your “I just saved 2 hours”, I found the best option and the price is great option!

We have set-up our searches to help you save time and to help you save you money. Even when that means that our margins are lower and that we make less money per sale. We do business this way because we should – because we can – and because we can and do at truly great prices.

We know our stuff. We know the ins & outs of the promotional business. We also know the who’s and the who’s nots. All of it. We know the very best vendors and we know them well. So well that we have, over time become one of their very best customers. We always get their very best service, their very best ideas and their very best prices. They are totally dedicated to our customers’ wants and needs. No one in the business has better, stronger, deeper or more robust relationships with the vendors than Q Group/ClearMedia.

We also know who has the best, latest and most advanced printing capabilities and technology. The best methods, the best machines, inks, lasers, transfers, screen-printing, dye-sublimation, embroidery and overall print capabilities. Through us - with them - to you, your logo will resonate. Strong or subtle, bright or soft, bold or restrained we’ve got you covered. Why settle for less?

We want you back. Again and again, we want you back. We want to help you succeed, to help you plan, to help you discover the very best product options for your projects. We’ll even design ideas for you, with you. And we will do so totally FREE of charge.

Send us your logo through our Design Center and we’ll prove it – Guaranteed!